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    Moving and Storage in Garden Grove

    If you are looking for a moving and storage company to assist you with the process of relocation to Garden Grove in northern Orange County, California, Terry Moving and Storage is the most affordable and reliable company ready to help you at any time. Among all other moving companies in Garden Grove, Terry Moving and Storage is your one-stop shop. We will have you completely covered, from packing and storage, safe delivery, to unpacking and arranging all of your possessions at your new home or office in Garden Grove.  Our team is comprised of the most qualified and skilled professional movers who will always treat your belongings with the greatest care and respect, since we are well-aware that your property is valuable to you.

    Whether you are moving locally or out of state, or your business is a one-person establishment or an enormous commercial operation, or you need your car transported as well, Terry Moving and Storage has all the necessary equipment and we are ready to take on the task of moving from the beginning until the very end.

    The moving process is stressful enough for you to waste additional time in searching and buying protective tape, bubble wrap, or numerous different kinds of boxes to pack your things. We have literary everything that is necessary for packing, so you shouldn’t worry about that! Furthermore, by using our services, you will be able to save up to 30% on package and storage supplies.

    If you want your belongings packed, but you do not want them delivered instantly to Garden Grove, we can offer you our storage services. Terry Moving and Storage has a lot of space and a climate controlled warehouse to store everything. Our storage facility is secured by state of the art security cameras, so you can rest assured that your items are safe. The warehouse is dry, clean, well-organized and easy to access.

    If you are a piano owner and you want your instrument transported to Garden Grove, Terry Moving and Storage is going to transport your piano fast, safely and for a very affordable price, and we are also going to keep it completely protected and secure during the entire process of transportation.

    Our company is a flat rate commercial mover. We are going to accurately estimate everything and offer you the best rate for our services.

    Feel free to contact Terry Moving and Storage now in order to get a free estimate.

    Garden Grove, California

    Garden Grove is located 34 miles southeast of the city of Los Angeles in the Los Angeles metropolitan area and it has a population of 172,646.

    The most famous annual event held during the Memorial Day weekend is the Garden Grove Strawberry Festival and it is a celebration about the city’s agricultural past.

    The estimated median house or condo value is $532,700, and the Median gross rent is $1,483.

    Some of the top employers in Garden Grove are: Air Industries Corp., Walmart, and Kaiser Foundation Health.

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