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  • Flat Rate Moving Company

    With Terry Moving and Storage you have a team of professionals who can take care of every aspect of your move for a reasonable price. Storage movers like Terry Moving can make the entire process pressure-free for you! We will pack, move, and store your things, treating them as if they are our own. At Terry Moving and Storage we will take care of your entire relocation and storage from beginning to end, and we will ensure that the possessions you place into storage with us are safe and sound at all times.

  • Long Distance Moving Solution

    Whether you are moving to another Orange County location or you are relocating to another state, Terry Moving and Storage can take care of all aspects of your move for you. Our team of professionals is skilled and experienced in the entire moving process, so you do not have to be concerned about the safety of your belongings or even if you will get where you are moving to in a timely fashion. Here are the services available to you from Terry Moving and Storage of Orange County:

  • Local & Long-Distance Services

    Not only will you find the most skilled and reliable local movers anywhere, when you call us you will also get an accurate estimate on your pending move which includes any moving supplies you may need. Don’t waste your valuable time looking for boxes or buying bubble-wrap and packing tape; we have everything you need to make your move go right! You can count on us using our supplies to pack your things securely so you don’t have to worry about damage at all.

  • Quality Service you can trust...

    Taking advantage of all the benefits provided by Terry Moving and Storage is easy. Simply pick up your phone and schedule your estimate. We will give you a reasonable rate for the job you need done that is consistent with your needs, as well as highly-competitive. We are anxious to show you all we can do to take the pressure off of you and lessen your level of stress in regard to your pending move. Making sure you are happy and your move goes smoothly is our priority, and we have the process down to a fine art.

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